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After realizing that many organizations at UT meant for first-gen/minority students were all career-oriented and STEM-based, I co-founded Expectations. Expectations is a student-run publication for and by first gen + minority students. We aim to provide students an opportunity to express themselves and their struggles creatively in a diverse environment.  Our goal is to give students a safe space to explore their different cultural, personal, and academic identities.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemnic, we were not able to finish our spring semester and publish our book. Therefore, after many back and forth Slack messages, we decided to completely rebrand and open submissions to ALL first-gen & students of color from all universities and colleges. We will be publishing our quarantine issue in July 2020 online. 

I oversee a team of 11 designers and editors as well as manage the visual identity of our social media presences. 

Below are examples of my digital illustrations and rebranding graphics for Expectations.


Co-Founder and Creative Director 
2019 - Present